Terms and conditions

The small print

  • Your dog must be up to date with flea and worming administration and is also up to date with necessary annual vaccinations
  • ‘Who’s walking who?’ will not be held responsible for any damage to people, animals or property that your dog might inflict while in their care
  • ‘Who’s walking who?’ will not be held responsible if your pet becomes lost, ill or injured while in their care
  • ‘Who’s walking who?’ reserves the right to act on behalf of the pet under our care and with veterinary guidance if we are unable to contact firstly the owner, and secondly the emergency contact
  • The owner will pay in full any vets fees which may arise through injury or illness whilst in the care of ‘Who’s walking who?’
  • Payment should be paid in full either in cash on the day of the walk, or at least five days in advance when paying by PayPal or bank transfer. When using these methods please state the dogs name or ‘Who’s walking who?’ reference no. Invoices can be provided on request
  • Failure of payment will incur an additional cost of £0.50p per pet per day of non-payment
  • The owner must disclose all information truthfully and honestly about the health and characteristics of their pet(s), failure to do this will be deemed as a breach of contract and ‘Who’s walking who?’ reserves the right to cancel their agreement without notice
  • If any dog displays aggressive behaviour to other dogs or people, then they will no longer be able to participate in group walks, but solo walks may be offered as an alternative at the price stated on the ‘Who’s walking who?’ website.
  • ‘Who’s walking who?’ always make every effort to arrive at specific times when this has been requested, but this may not be possible in all instances due to unforeseen circumstances e.g.: bad traffic, weather etc. In this event we will inform the owner via SMS text message of the time their pets walk took place
  • If there is a change of booking day, owners must inform ‘Who’s walking who?’ more than 24 hours in advance of the date the change takes place. Failure to do so will incur the full cost of the original appointment
  • The owner may cancel a walk at no cost provided it is done so no later than 24 hours in advance. Failure to do this will incur the full cost of that days walk
  • Charges are none negotiable and clearly laid out on our rates page within the website, these are subject to change in line with inflation but will always be competitively priced
  • The owner and ‘Who’s walking who?’ agree to give one weeks written notice to terminate our agreement
  • As part of our puppy and kitten visit service ‘Who’s walking who?’ will provide a basic clean up of any toilet accidents using equipment provided by the owner (disinfectant, cloths, mops, etc.). An additional charge may be incurred if the pet has diarrhoea or extensive amounts of fouling are present. ‘Who’s walking who?’ are not responsible for damage to furnishings or upholstery caused by your pet, or cases where professional cleaning is required
  • Any unspayed female dog who is in season may not be walked until the season is finished, during this time we will visit your dog at home to give her a toilet break and some exercise in the garden. This will be charged at the same rate as an older puppy visit and lasts approximately 25-30 minutes.
  • ‘Who’s walking who?’ are fully insured for public liability, but we recommend that you have your own insurance policy for your pet(s) in addition to this

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